Rainbow's History

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Despite so many line-up changes, rainbow tried their best to keep survived in the industry. If you are a fan of rock music, you must be following all the news about the band. This band was led by the guitarist, Ritchie Blackmore. There was probably a crucial thing that made him changed the members from time to time. But there is an advantage for the band since the new members could bring the fresh idea and new style for the band.

Their music was inspired by classical music. Their first tour was in 1975 until 1978. The unexpected thing happened here, Blackmore fired the members except Dio after the album was recorded and then he recruited new members after that. There is no doubt that even though they had so many controversies in the past by those line-up changes, their music is loved by everyone so that there will be a place for them in the music industry, besides that the band is a legend as well.

What Do You Know About Rihanna?

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If you want to talk about rihanna then there must be a lot of things that you want to tell. Especially if you are a music lover, if we are talking about music wise, she wins in almost every aspect. People love her music; she always hits million seller categories. That is why so many Rihanna wanna be out there. She is one of the most influence musicians in the industry. Not only her aura on stage, she also delivers such wonderful and amazing performances in every opportunity. Her music influences so many people around the world, the whole world for sure.

She got so many awards in the industry. People love her and her music as well. If you are asked which song from her that is your favorite, it must be hard to choose one since all of them are so nice and easy listening. There is the power in her songs that makes people want to listen to even though they are not a fan. It is the thing that makes her so popular, besides that she is way too talented to be compared to other newcomers in the music industry.

Who Doesn't Love Ronan Keating?

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There are so many things about Ronan Keating that we can talk about. He is so famous in the entertainment industry. If you have a thing for boyband, then you must be know about him and his career as well. He started off his career in music industry as a part of an Irish boyband called Boyzone. His position as the lead singer in the group leads him to the solo career in 1999. He released his first song "When You Say Nothing at All" which is his step in gaining attention from the whole world.

His first single was featured in the film Nothing Hill which was so popular at the time that made him also went so popular in the top list. There is no doubt that people love his music, he is so talented. It is also the reason that makes him still exists in the music industry. No matter how many new singers come, he has a place in people's hearts that cannot be replaced.

Who is DJ Sammy?

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Do you know Samuel Bouriah? It is the real name of DJ Sammy which is a DJ from Spanish; he is a producer as well. If you still do not have idea about who is him, he is the one who covers a song Heaven by Bryan Adams. He started off his music career in 1984 which is quite so long already. His first single was released in 1995. His track topped the Spanish chart at the time.

Later in 2002 he released an album called Heaven which also contains his cover of Bryan Adam's Heaven. He did the project with the Dutch vocalist Do and also Don Henley. Although some people think that he got the world's attention from his heaven cover but people also cannot underestimate his skill and talent as a musician. He has released some albums that are so popular and charting in the top of the list. His latest single is "I Wanna Luv Ya" which is featured Sean Kingston.

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